It’s Such a Wonderful Feeling when you Pass your Driving Test

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There are many reasons for you to want to take driving lessons.  It may be to enhance your job prospects or to have the extra independence that driving brings into your life, and I can help you achieve your goal of passing your driving test. During the difficult times presented to us all in 2020 many people are now preferring not to use public transport but would like to drive their own vehicle in order to control their environment.

Some of the courses on offer:

  • Lessons For The Complete Beginner – Giving you a great start!
  • Partly Trained lessons – Maybe you already have driving skills?
  • Calming Lessons – Great for people who suffer from nerves and driving anxiety.
  • Motorway Lessons– Do motorways fill you with dread? They certainly are fast and busy roads requiring good forward planning and knowing the rules and how to stay safe. We can go together in my dual controlled car to help increase your confidence.
  • Assess your driving – It’s always a good idea to ensure our fitness to drive is up to standard. I can help with an assessment and tips for safer and more economic driving on our increasingly busy roads.

Successful learning comes with the ability of the teacher to adapt their style to suit the individual needs of you, the learner.  Together we will find out which approach to learning suits you best in order to achieve success in a calm, relaxed and enjoyable way.

I’m sure you have questions, so please give me a call and I will give you the information you need.

Just call: 07727 600994 or email:

Thank you for your time today and I personally promise I will give you all the time, dedication and support you need.

Yours Faithfully,

Teresa Allen
DVSA Government Approved Driving Instructor
Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists