Another Practical Driving Test Passed

Tom Barnes

Having a great day

This week saw Tom Barnes from Ightham pass his practical driving test at Sevenoaks Test Centre at his first attempt. At Teresa Allen School of Motoring we pride ourselves in giving quality tuition that not only enables students to pass at the first attempt but also to learn the skills to stay safe on the increasingly busy roads.It’s no mean feat to keep one’s nerves in check on such an important day but Tom managed beautifully.



Even cyclists have rules

Rules for cyclists
The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. It’s essential reading for everyone. Here’s a reminder about rules for cyclists.
You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement.

Rule 64

Practical Driving Test Pass

Jacob LawWell done to Jacob Law who passed his practical driving test today at Sevenoaks Test Centre on his first attempt. It’s not easy to stay calm under pressure of a watchful driving examiner but he rose to the challenge.Jacob and I had a lot of fun together in our lessons and I shall miss the laughs. I wish you all the luck in the future.

Deriving Test Pass

Well done to Zara Farrant who passed her driving test today, 5th November, at Tunbridge Wells. Each time one my students pass I feel so proud; like a mother hen letting go of her babies. This pass means so much to Zara but little does she realise that she will now become a taxi driver for her two boys until they are old enough to do their test! Goodbye green licence; hello pink!

If you like Top Gear…….

Last Wednesday on BBC2 at 9 pm was a great programme which I would recommend anybody with or without a licence should watch. The programme is called How Safe Are Britain’s Roads.  It was brilliantly well presented and not at all patronising. There were many statistics regarding crashes on the road and where these collisions took place. Interestingly they are mainly on the urban roads and at speeds of less than 20 mph.

There are also very interesting demonstrations on Electronic Stability Control and also some crazy thing that stops the car before you hit a pedestrian! Totally well worth a watch so try and catch it on I-Player before it disappears.

This Wednesday, BBC2 are showing the second part to this programme which is focussed at the driver. They will explore the danger surrounding the use of mobile phones whilst driving and they will also be testing a vehicle that drives itself. I wonder what a driving examiner would make of that!

I hope many of you will watch these programmes and enjoy them as much as I did. If you like Top Gear you will like these.

Winter sun

Here we are in November where did the year go? With the clocks now on GMT many people will be driving after dark for perhaps the first time. Here are a few tips;

Make sure you switch your lights on before the light fails too much and use dipped lights not side lights. If you need to be seen then make sure you are. The spray from large vehicles is a problem at the moment with the roads often being wet.. This spray is dirty and coupled with a low sun can make it very difficult indeed to see clearly through the windscreen. Be sure that you top up your windscreen wash regularly.

Don’t be taken by surprise by ice on the windows in the mornings. Now’s the time to get a scraper and some de–icer organised. Probably best to keep it in the car because it will get icy again before you get to your car after work or after an evening out.

Even if you never clean your car this winter always keep the windows and lights free from dirt. SEE AND BE SEEN.