If you like Top Gear…….

Last Wednesday on BBC2 at 9 pm was a great programme which I would recommend anybody with or without a licence should watch. The programme is called How Safe Are Britain’s Roads.  It was brilliantly well presented and not at all patronising. There were many statistics regarding crashes on the road and where these collisions took place. Interestingly they are mainly on the urban roads and at speeds of less than 20 mph.

There are also very interesting demonstrations on Electronic Stability Control and also some crazy thing that stops the car before you hit a pedestrian! Totally well worth a watch so try and catch it on I-Player before it disappears.

This Wednesday, BBC2 are showing the second part to this programme which is focussed at the driver. They will explore the danger surrounding the use of mobile phones whilst driving and they will also be testing a vehicle that drives itself. I wonder what a driving examiner would make of that!

I hope many of you will watch these programmes and enjoy them as much as I did. If you like Top Gear you will like these.

Driving Test Pass

Many congratulations to Michael Baker who passed his Driving Test at Tunbridge Wells. Michael and I had a lot of fun getting him ready for his driving test and some very interesting chats along the way.

Michael and his Examiner had an in-depth chat about apples and I am now an expert on this subject!

If you want to get your driving licence before Christmas, it is still very possible so contact me and book your lessons now. I mostly attend Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells Test Centres and work within quite a wide area of these towns.

Look after your valuables

Most weeks, the local newspaper, The Chronicle (Sevenoaks, Malling etc) reports theft from vehicles. Read this article below and take steps now to look after your stuff. There is something I would add which is the advice given; if you use a sucker to stick your satnav to the window, take the time to rub away any circular marks left behind and take the satnav with you.

The British Crime Survey has revealed, by category, the top ten items stolen from vehicles. The most commonly targeted in England and Wales is ‘Exterior Fittings’, according to this Home Office Victim Study. This includes items such as windscreen wiper blades, badges, and trim. As such, the estimated figure for 2010/11 suggests this category was favoured during 41% of break-ins. This represents a 5% increase compared to the confirmed figures of 2007/08 – the first comparable period. That brings us to position two… ‘Valuables’. This includes items such as jewellery, cash, and clothing as targeted by 15% of villains in 2010/11. That is consistent with 2007/08. However, the figure for ‘Electrical Equipment’ – which finishes third and includes computers/sat-navs – increased by 1%, from 12% to 13%.

The ‘Car Radio’ category sits in position four. The percentage of crime relating to this halved, to 8%, between 2007/08 and 2010/11. Why? Because new stereos tend to be fully integrated and therefore of limited value on the black market. However, crime relating to ‘Other Vehicle Parts’ increased from 6% to 8%. That places it fifth overall. The ‘Tools’ category sits in position six, at 6%, which is consistent with 2007/08. However, the ‘CD/ Tape/Video/DVD’ category has been targeted less in recent years, falling from 9% to 5%. That places it seventh, which indicates that the online world is overtaking traditional media. The ‘Glasses/Sunglasses/Spectacles’ category finishes in position eight, with an increase from 2% to 3%. ‘Mobile Phones’ were targeted during 3% of motor break-ins in 2010/11 1% less than 2007/08. Position ten is ‘Wheels’ at 2%, rather than its previous 1%.

Fortunately, motorists can minimise the risk of becoming victims. Step one is to park in properly lit areas monitored by CCTV. Step two is to hide everything from view – even small items of limited value. This is tedious but worthwhile. Step three… cross your fingers.


1. Exterior fittings Included wiper blades / badges / trim
2. Valuables Jewellery / cash / handbags / briefcase / purse / wallet / Cheque book /credit cards / clothing
3. Electrical Equipment Sat nav /tv / mp3 / pc / computer equipment
4. Car Radio
5. Other vehicle parts Dashboard / Seats / Steering wheel / parcel shelf
6. Tools
7. Entertainment CD / tapes / video tapes / DVDs
8. Glasses/sunglasses
9. Mobile phones
10. Wheels
By Stephen Turvil, motoring.co.uk
Thu, 04 Oct 2012

Driving Test Success in Sevenoaks

Well done indeed to Mo Kotz from Sevenoaks who passed her practical driving test today       (Sept 25th 2012) at her first attempt. Mo took her test at Sevenoaks Driving Test Centre. Mo started an Intensive Driving Course at the beginning of September and gained her pass certificate just 3 weeks later.

Most of our lessons were in good weather and we were very happy to see the sun shining again this morning. I am so very proud of her.

Mo Kotz

Mo Kotz


Intensive courses can be a very good way to learn to drive. If you are practising with a professional on a more or less daily basis there is not much time to forget things between lessons. Progress is made quickly over a matter of weeks which pupils find very encouraging.

The current pass rate at Teresa Allen School of Motoring is 75%. The pass rate at Sevenoaks is currently 54.3%.

Got a shiny new phone?

So you have a lovely new phone and talking or texting is easier than ever. Loads of people are seen to be  talking on their mobile or texting whilst driving so why not you too?

Well, Which magazine have done a study and the results are on a video, the link to which is below. When I am teaching driving lessons in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Kemsing or……actually wherever I am because this problem is everywhere, I am constantly seeing people driving erratically because they are using a mobile phone. It’s extremely irritating to witness but, much more than that, it is life threatening. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and hear what the researchers who performed the tests felt about the results.

It’s seriously scary when you discover that you are far more likely to crash the car whilst using the phone than whilst driving at the legal alcohol limit.


Winter Driving

I know it’s only half way through September but  before we know it, winter will be upon us. For anyone who passed their practical driving test this year, the likely weather conditions (based on the last couple of years) are going to be a whole new experience.

At the moment, the changes to the weather are subtle. I have noticed the mornings in Borough Green are a little colder. If you have an early start and your car lives outside, you will probably have condensation on the windows and plastic light lenses. Make sure to leave time for these to clear using your de-mister and a cloth to wipe the light lenses before you set off.

During driving lessons in Sevenoaks I have seen that leaves are beginning to fall. These can gather at the side of the road creating a hazard with regard to stopping efficiently and effectively.This can be especially true for motorbike riders who will most likely choose to steer around such a hazard. As drivers, we must be aware that the bikers may alter their course in front of us to avoid hazards such as wet leaves. Clever is the driver who anticipates this.

I shall make regular posts as the weather changes going into winter with tips on how to take precautions to stay safe which I hope will be of help especially to those who have only recently gained their full driving licence.

Driving Theory Test

When booking your Driving Theory Test, please be sure to book directly via the internet using www.direct.gov.co.uk/booktheorytest.  You could also book by telephone on 0300 2001122.

Currently the actual cost is £31 and by using the above site there is no booking fee. There are sites that will book the test for you but charge a hefty fee of up to £23 which could be the cost of one hour’s tuition.

All you need to book the test is your driving licence number and a credit or debit card with which to pay.

Practical Driving Test Pass

Elena Ceausescu passed practical driving test in Sevenoaks

On August 29th 2012, Elena Ceausescu passed her practical driving test at Sevenoaks Driving Test Centre. Elena, from Dunton Green, had failed the test 4 times before deciding to find a lady driving instructor. After only 5 weeks, she found her courage and self-belief and is now the proud owner of a full driving licence. Huge congratulations to Elena.

Since the beginning of July 2012, 7 people have passed their driving test in Sevenoaks with Teresa Allen School of Motoring. All of them had been taught well at other schools but had problems controlling their nerves when they were put under the spotlight on test day. Teresa has a special way of helping with nerves.

If you want a little of this magic, please call us on 07727 600994

Lost Theory Certificate Number?

As you may know, you cannot book your practical driving test in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells or anywhere else for that matter without your theory certificate number. It used to be quite difficult to find this number if the certificate got lost, but I have a link which will help you do this in just 2 minutes.



How to Apply for your 1st Provisional Driving Licence

Welcome to the brand new Learning Blog of teresa-allen.co.uk! We thought we’d take our first steps here in the blogosphere helping you as you take your first steps closer to the freedom of the open road.

You’ll have to get yourself a provisional driving licence if you are going to learn to drive a car or motorcycle and there’s no reason not to do that right now! There are countless miles of road out there to be explored, in this country as well as across the continents of the world. Sure, it’ll take up to three weeks before you hold your provisional licence in your hands but you have everything you need to get started right now! Let’s get you on the road!

I’m serious now; You cannot take driving lessons until you have received your first provisional licence … If you put this off until next week, it’ll be up to four weeks before you can start driving- 5 weeks if you wait until the week after and so on! … Don’t put it off. Check out the video below and get started now!

Apply online

You can apply for your provisional licence online, from the comfort of your home and within a reassuring distance of the plentiful bounty of the refrigerator right now using the secure and fairly straightforward service offered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Watch the video, then click the link below to get started now: There is plenty of information on the pages that follow…

Get your first provisional driving licence online NOW!

Psst … if you’ve had a provisional licence before you can’t use this online service!

Applying by Post

Another way to apply for your first provisional licence is to fill out the famous D1 form; you can get this from your local branch of the Post Office®. Filling out a D1 form will cost you £50.00, a bic pen and you will need to enclose identity documents. Also, you may have to wait in line at the wholly unimpressive speed of 0mph for a while but trust me … it’s worth it!

Your Post Office® may offer a premium checking service (that is, they will check your original identity documentation for you), otherwise, fill out the D1, get your self a colour passport-style photograph then bung it, some cash and the required identity docs in the envelope and send it back to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD (yes, that is the whole address)…

Aaarrggghhh… I’ve Been Waiting HOURS For My Licence!

The DVLA aims to get your driving licence out to you within’ three weeks. Don’t bother contacting them to ask where it is after 2 days (although I do admire your tenacity)…

Proud Owner of your 1st Provisional Licence?

It’s time to hit the road, practice and hone your skills start learning driving theory. If you are in Kent, call 07727 600994 or email teresaallen57@gmail.com to arrange your driver training! Good Luck!