Autumn has arrived

Well, it’s the 1st October and Autumn seems to have arrived. Last week’s deluges of rain were tricky to deal with but here is some advice as we approach changing weather patterns.

Always check that your light lenses are clean allowing your lights to be seen clearly.
Regularly check that your lights are all working.
Allow time to demist your windows thoroughly before you start your journey.
Be aware that others may not have demisted sufficiently and may have limited vision.
Keep your washer bottle topped up. Spray from wet roads is dirty and you will use more water at this time of year.
Stopping distances double in wet weather so keep extra space between yourself and the vehicle in front.
Be prepared to slow down if your visibility is impaired.
Test your brakes (when it is safe to do so) after driving through a flooded road.
Remember that motorbike riders don’t have washers and wipers!
Look out for debris on the road particularly after windy weather.
Avoid braking harshly on wet leaves; it’s like braking on ice.
Pedestrians will be harder to see in poor weather owing to poor light and often because they are wearing dark, winter clothes.
The low sun at this time of year can be particularly awkward. It always seems to shine straight in your face leaving visors fairly ineffective. When the sun shines strongly on wet roads, the line markings can all but disappear; hard for you and even harder for motorcyclists.

Actually this list is almost endless. The bottom line is that driving at this time of year can be particularly dangerous so we must take even greater care of ourselves and others on the road.