How I Will Help You

Learn to drive with a patient, fun, female driving instructor in a modern Toyota Yaris Icon Tech 1.5 manual car

I will structure your driving lessons to meet your individual rate of progress through the set syllabus.

During your driving lessons I will give you a comprehensive driver education that will include practical aspects to owning a car such as:

  • Refuelling
  • Making regular safety checks
  • How to interact correctly with other road users
  • How to drive in a way that will result in significant savings on your overall running cost

Your driving will be continually assessed throughout your training and I will advise you to book your test as soon as I think you are ready.  By this time, you will have gained a solid foundation in the skills necessary to drive safely for life and will be well equipped to pass your driving test.  Your success is my success.

Prior to becoming a driving instructor I taught horse riding for many years to people of all ages and abilities, and I always placed an emphasis on enjoyment during the lessons.  I will apply the same approach to your driving lessons, which I want you to enjoy so that you relax and learn as quickly as possible.

A few years ago I had a course of motor bike lessons and passed my bike test.  I quickly found out what it is like to be on two wheels amongst other road users!

As a result I can now fully understand the dangers that bikers experience in relation to car drivers, and your driving lessons will include additional safety awareness instruction in relation to motorbikes, bicycles and horses.
A featured review:

Learning to drive with Teresa has been brilliant – fun and entertaining. Teresa knows how to match lessons and techniques to suit your personality. If I was feeling distracted, Teresa would know how to get me back in the zone. If I ever doubted my abilities or lost confidence, Teresa would reassure straightaway. If there was something I didn’t understand, Teresa had a new way to explain it whether it was visually on the iPad using 2D & 3D maps, drawing it out on paper, making notes & memos for my own use at home or even using fully operational toy trucks with steering! Lessons with Teresa are never boring – Teresa will definitely make you laugh and will be your biggest supporter out on the roads. Teresa won’t just teach you to drive and pass the test, she will teach you all sorts of tips & tricks for safe driving for the future, including things to look out for and ways to save fuel. I can’t recommend Teresa enough. You’ll pass your test – AND have the best time learning. Thank you Teresa!
Anna Louise. Borough Green. March 2017