What my learners say about me

A few kind words from my students and those close to them…

“I started my driving lessons with Teresa in March after seeing her facebook page. When I started my lessons I knew very minimal about driving. After only a couple of lessons she had helped me progress a lot. Within 40 hours she had taught me how to drive confidently and independently. I managed to pass my test on the 2nd attempt(1st attempt due to nerves) with only 2 minors. I have now today managed to test drive my first car and I am very happy with the effort Teresa put in to make me a good driver.” ★★★★★
Bradley. Borough Green. August 2018

“Teresa is a patient instructor who went out of her way to help me to overcome my nerves and pass with confidence. I am so grateful to have had such a bubbly, hilarious and kind driving instructor, thank you Teresa!! x” ★★★★★
Katie. Ightham. July 2018

“Driving has always been extremely difficult for me, and having already had 2 instructors before Teresa, I was starting to think I would never be able to do it. However, Teresa’s calm and supportive approach made me become a lot more comfortable in the drivers seat and allowed me to go on to pass first time, with only 1 minor driving fault, which I am still in shock over! I never thought the day would come and it was only with Teresa that it was made possible. With Teresa, you are treated as more than just one of her students. She always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself and her kind and calming nature put me at ease even when I was at my most anxious (which was a lot!!). She is funny and entertaining and she is the best driving instructor I could have asked for For me, she has made the impossible, possible!! Thank you so much Teresa, I will miss you!!” ★★★★★
Emily. November 2017

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Teresa Allen. A great driving instructor & would highly recommend! I bet you will miss me 😂” ★★★★★
Bill. November 2017

“I highly recommend Teresa, makes lessons relaxed and enjoyable. Very patient and calm. Thank you Teresa!” ★★★★★
Airlie. October 2017

“Teresa is friendly and funny and I really looked forward to my lessons. I had two instructors before I found Teresa and she had such faith in me. She worked me really hard and I was so happy to pass first time.” ★★★★★
Rebecca. Wrotham. October 2017

“I always had an excuse to put off driving, constantly worried about being on the road. I finally made the decision to learn, after a lot of research I found Teresa. I still remember my first phone call, afterwards I knew we would get on well. Every step of the way I felt at ease and grew with confidence, enjoying each lesson. Teresa is an amazing woman who cares about you, not just your progress but you as a person. Therefore, taking everything into consideration on your lesson, getting the best out of you. Teresa knew that I enjoyed theory, so would kindly lend me books to read over, which really helped me. I actually can’t believe I had the ability to pass my test first time, which was down to Teresa. I cannot thank Teresa enough and would highly recommend. I will miss our lessons but hope to keep in touch.” ★★★★★
Kate. Sevenoaks. September 2017

“Teresa was the best driving instructor I’ve had (out of four!) I really looked forward to my lessons with her because I knew we’d have a laugh during the lesson. I really doubted that I would pass my test, but with her I passed first time! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons.” ★★★★★
Kate. August 2017

“I cannot recommend Teresa highly enough! This woman is a bloomin’ marvel and I cannot thank her enough for her deftly nurturing an old bag, with little confidence and enabling her to pass a driving test, that. When I first attempted to drive, years ago, I had HATED the experience and had dreaded lessons. But Teresa Allen made me believe I could and now having passed my test? Well, the proof is in the pudding! This lady doesn’t suffer fools but, she is so supportive and knows just what you can handle. I admire her so much for her patience and knowledge as a teacher but, she managed to pepper all our lessons with hilarity. I just love her and now so happy to count her as my pal! Thank you, T! You’re a legend!” ★★★★★
Ange. Borough Green. August 2017

“I had Teresa as my driving instructor and would completely recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to drive. Teresa provides her students with all the necessary resources to past their tests and become a safe driver. A truly great service provided by a nice and funny lady.” ★★★★★
George. August 2017

“Thank you very much for being such a great driving instructor and helping me eventually pass. Not only were you a good teacher but also very good company. Now my parents are able to sleep in on weekends as they no longer need to drive me to work.” ★★★★★
Tom. August 2017

“Loved every moment learning with Teresa, every lesson was fun and she was forever supportive and patient. Couldn’t recommend Teresa enough, thank you for all your hard work as it clearly paid off. Going to miss our Tuesday afternoons x” ★★★★★
Emma. Ightham. June 2017

“Before passing this week I had been driving with Teresa for about a year, I started off a very nervous and anxious driver but she was so patient and so encouraging that it gave me the confidence to keep trying and eventually passed feeling so much more confident. Thank you so much for everything Teresa!” ★★★★★
Courtney. Platt. May 2017

“Passed my test today with only two minors all because of the incredible teaching I got from Teresa. She not only taught me to drive but also gave me a lot of confidence in knowing that I could do it. I would recommend her as a driving instructor to anyone who wants to have a good chat and a great lesson. Thanks so much, Teresa – I would never have passed without you xx” ★★★★★
Elly. Sevenoaks. May 2017

“Today I passed my driving test and owe a huge thank you to the amazing Teresa! You didn’t just teach me to drive but patiently coached me through my nerves, built my confidence and taught me to believe in myself. I cannot thank you enough for that, you are FAB! X” ★★★★★
Lucy. Borough Green. April 2017

“If Teresa can teach me, she can teach anyone. Thank you so much for getting me through my test xxx” ★★★★★
Emily. Borough Green. March 2017

“Cannot thank Teresa enough for teaching me how to drive. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone as she is not only patient and professional but also funny and made learning a pleasant and stress free experience. My weekly sessions with Teresa will be missed greatly as I not only learnt lots every week but actually enjoyed them, they didn’t feel like lessons they were fun and we had a lot of laughs. She helped ease any fears I had with driving on the road and helped me boost my confidence in my ability to drive. Thank you Teresa for everything, I hope to see you teaching other learners when I’m out and about in my own car!” ★★★★★
Meg. Sevenoaks. March 2017

“Learning to drive with Teresa was a joy, I certainly couldn’t have passed first time without her. Affable, patient and sympathetic, Teresa has a calming manner that really put me at ease behind the wheel. Lessons were always fun and tailored to suit my progress and ability. I feel Teresa went above and beyond the call of duty, even giving up her time on the Sunday before my test to help resolve an issue I was having with the car. I would recommend the Teresa Allen School of Motoring to all my friends and family. Friday afternoons won’t be the same!” ★★★★★
George. Sevenoaks. February 2017

“Learning to drive with Teresa has been brilliant – fun and entertaining. Teresa knows how to match lessons and techniques to suit your personality. If I was feeling distracted, Teresa would know how to get me back in the zone. If I ever doubted my abilities or lost confidence, Teresa would reassure straightaway. If there was something I didn’t understand, Teresa had a new way to explain it whether it was visually on the iPad using 2D & 3D maps, drawing it out on paper, making notes & memos for my own use at home or even using fully operational toy trucks with steering! Lessons with Teresa are never boring – Teresa will definitely make you laugh and will be your biggest supporter out on the roads. Teresa won’t just teach you to drive and pass the test, she will teach you all sorts of tips & tricks for safe driving for the future, including things to look out for and ways to save fuel. I can’t recommend Teresa enough. You’ll pass your test – AND have the best time learning. Thank you Teresa!” ★★★★★
Anna Louise. Borough Green. March 2017

“Passed my test today after excellent tuition from Teresa. Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and could always rely on her for a confidence boost. Every lesson was tailored to my individual needs, particularly with Teresa’s creative drawings so that I could visualise a difficult section of road we would be visiting! Would recommend Teresa to my friends and family, as she put me at ease and ensured I enjoyed the driving experience!! Thank you xx” ★★★★★
Tia. Platt. February 2017

“Passed my driving exam yesterday thanks to Teresa! I can’t express how happy I am to of had such an amazing driving instructor who was very helpful and full of character. My lessons with Teresa have helped a lot and we had our laughs, she has helped me battle my nerves and turned me into a confident driver, couldn’t have done it without her! Amazing woman! Thank you so much x” ★★★★★
Maria. Vigo. February 2017

“I passed first time with Teresa and I’m sad my lessons are over! Teresa is a fantastic driving instructor and made me feel at ease straight away. She is so patient and caring, and made my lessons fun. I would highly recommend her.” ★★★★★
Georgina. Borough Green. February 2017

“Teresa is a fantastic driving instructor. I had great fun learning with her, and feel lucky to have found her. She was very patient and accommodating during the lessons and when planning them she always had a clear idea of what we had to achieve to move forward at a reasonable pace. Teresa tailored each lesson to my personality, coming up with tricks and ways of remembering things that really suited me – this was one of the best parts of her teaching – the sessions are personalised and so really effective. I would definitely recommend Teresa to my friends, she’s a really, really good instructor.” ★★★★★
Olivia. Fairseat. January 2017

“Teresa is a really good driving instructor and really puts you at ease out on lessons, I really enjoyed my lessons out with Teresa and the chats and banter that we had, I will miss having my lessons with Teresa and would definitely recommend any new learner to go with Teresa, thank you for getting me through my test and pass Teresa ☺” ★★★★★
Wes. Shoreham. January 2017

“I passed my test today for the first time and I couldn’t have done it without Teresa. You were so fun and bubbly and made preparing for my test so much more enjoyable and relaxing. Thank you again and I would highly recommend you to anyone!” ★★★★★
Liv. Meopham. January 2017

“Thank you for being a truly amazing driving instructor and helping me through the test. Your friendliness and patience whilst also being highly intuitive and observant is sincerely unique and admirable. I’m sure that your valuable teaching will stay with me for the rest of my driving career.” ★★★★★
Jack. Sevenoaks. December 2016

“I have had an absolute blast learning with you and am partly gutted I have passed because now I won’t be able to see you every Wednesday!! I couldn’t have asked for better, you have gone above and beyond helping me pass and we’ve had some amazing laughs along the way!!! I would recommend you to anyone! I would never have passed if It wasn’t for you!” ★★★★★
Amelia . Sevenoaks. December 2016

“I passed my test first time round with Teresa Allen. I was quite nervous when I started but Teresa put me at ease immediately. We got on very well right from the start. Her teaching is just brilliant and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.” ★★★★★
Katie. Kemsing. November 2016

“With not much time till my test and limited spaces, Teresa worked wonders. An amazing woman who got me past the nerves and got my head screwed on! I shall most definitely put Teresa forward to anyone who wishes to complete their driving test, in a professional and caring manner.” ★★★★★
Joey. Borough Green. November 2016

“Can’t recommend Teresa highly enough, great teacher who has given me so much confidence.” ★★★★★
George. Sevenoaks. November 2016

“Teresa Allen was enthusiastic and encouraging. She gave clear Instructions and gave me extra material and visual aids to help me understand the various aspects of learning to drive at the same time making the process enjoyable. She was very organised and I would recommend her to anyone as being a great driving instructor.” ★★★★★
Ellie. Ivy Hatch. October 2016

“I cannot thank Teresa enough for all the hard work she put in in order to get me driving, it was above and beyond what is expected from any driving instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons and I would strongly recommend anybody to choose Teresa as their instructor.” ★★★★★
Shannon. November 2016

“Passed my test yesterday thanks to Teresa! She always made the lessons fun and enjoyable which made me look forward to my lesson every week! Teresa was very patient and helped me build my confidence when driving. I would definitely recommend to anyone!” ★★★★★
Ellie. September 2016

“Teresa, who is a very wonderful lady, is a brilliant driving (and singing) instructor! I’ve had a few special driving moments but she is willing to take the time and effort to provide excellent methods and techniques to overcome all hurdles! She will demonstrate herself, use Lego cars, draw diagrams, verbally explain, basically anything to help you improve your skills! I would highly recommend Teresa because the lessons were enjoyable, positive and funny!” ★★★★★
Shelly. September 2016

“I passed my test first time yesterday and could not have done it without the help of Teresa. She put me at ease right from the beginning and calmed me down. She was very patient, explained everything really well and will keep going until you understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of starting driving lessons especially if you are very nervous and not very confident. I look forward to having a motorway lesson with Teresa. :)” ★★★★★
Sophie. August 2016

“Passed my test today after tuition from Teresa. My motivation for driving was the birth of my daughter; at 31 I was slightly older than the usual learner driver! However Teresa was fantastic in not only accomodating the various demands on my life which dictated lesson times (work, family and study) but also her style with somebody who has spent years away from a formal learning environment was superb.

Teresa is a friendly, interesting, and understanding instructor with bags of patience, who ‘gets’ people. Learning to drive, whilst being one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, was fun, varied, and rewarding; we had a laugh too! Would highly recommend Teresa to those wanting to learn, and particularly also to the more ‘mature’ amongst us, who perhaps didn’t have the time or motivation, to do it at seventeen!” ★★★★★
Rob. Otford. August 2016

“Thanks Teresa, you have been a brilliant instructor, and a very good friend. Not only very clear and precise with your teaching, you have also been extremely thorough and patient. Really appreciate your willingness to adapt your teaching style and timetable to my needs. Even though I do not have to take any more driving lessons (I hope), I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone/friends who might be looking for a driving instructor. Let’s keep in touch.” ★★★★★
Minh. Ightham. August 2016

“I would recommend Teresa Allen for any new drivers. She is very patient, funny and very easy to talk to! I have passed 1st time and got complimented on my drive because of her help! Lessons were always a laugh but at the same time I’d always learn something new! Thank you Teresa and for you’re help! I cannot stress enough how thankful I am!” ★★★★★
Vinny. Otford. July 2016

“I passed first time today, couldn’t have done it without Teresa’s help! Really friendly, calm and put me at ease. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Teresa!” ★★★★★
Emma. Vigo. June 2016

“Thank you so much for being an amazing instructor. Thank you for making the lessons really fun and enjoyable Even on nervous situations, you were amazing and helped me calm down and concentrate. (Specially by giving me Tic Tacs) Somehow you managed to get rid of my bad driving habits which I had for years within less than two months and got me the UK license. The advice you gave me on the test day helped me immensely and little jokes you made helped me remember stuff. Thanks again Teresa. You are the best. I wish you all the best. highly highly recommend Teresa.” ★★★★★
Kas. Borough Green. June 2016

“I passed last week on my first test with Teresa, she is patient, funny, and very helpful with any problems you face when driving I would tell anyone to choose Teresa Allen for learning how to drive safely and sucessfully.” ★★★★★
Connor. June 2016

“I passed my test first time in only a few months thanks to Teresa! She made me feel comfortable and at ease in the car and made me feel extremely confident in my driving. She helped me with everything I found difficult, helping me improve constantly. Lessons were always full of fun and laughter. Would highly recommend her to anyone as both myself and my sister passed first time!” ★★★★★
Alex. Platt. May 2016

“Teresa is the most amazing driving instructor: she’s incredibly kind and funny and she really puts you at ease and reassures you when you’re panicking! She is so patient, she builds up your confidence and truly wants you to succeed, I cannot thank her enough for everything she’s done for me!” ★★★★★
Katie. Kemsing. March 2016

“From day one her teaching style has been comfortable, friendly and always supportive. She always understands new drivers are prone to errors and knows how to apply different techniques to counter my weaknesses. Passing with Teresa quickly with ease is inevitable with her teaching style. Going to miss our lessons very much.” ★★★★★
Saayma. Borough Green. March 2016

“I passed last week on my first test and I think Teresa is pure genius when teaching learner drivers. She is patient, funny and very helpful with any problems you face when driving. I can assure to anyone that Teresa Allen is a brilliant option to choose for learning how to drive safely and successfully.” ★★★★★
Ash. Borough Green. March 2016

“I passed my test today first time and I couldn’t have done it without Teresa. She has been so lovely and patient with me and I would definitely recommend her.” ★★★★★
Nicola. Borough Green. March 2016

“Would 100% recommend Teresa to anyone learning to drive, her lessons have given me the confidence and motivation to pass my driving test – thank you so much Teresa! ☺” ★★★★★
Amelia. Vigo. February 2016

“Teresa was absolutely brilliant, and has taught me to be controlled, sensible and a precise driver. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive!” ★★★★★
Ryan. February 2016

“Teresa’s professional and dedicated approach helped to pass first time. I would highly recommend her.” ★★★★★
Will. February 2016

“Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, Teresa was so patient with me and we had so much fun! I would recommend her to anyone learning to drive! Thank you for everything Teresa x” ★★★★★
Jo. Borough Green. January 2016

“Teresa is a fantastic driving instructor, she makes you feel at ease she is very patient and so funny. She gave me so much confidence in driving, I would 100% recommend Teresa to anyone who wants to drive. Thank you so much Teresa!” ★★★★★
Chanel. Borough Green. December 2015

“My son was taught by Teresa and I was so impressed at how she puts her pupils at ease and gets the best out of them. She treats everyone very much as an individual and soon has them driving safely and with confidence I have no hesitation in recommending her.” ★★★★★
Alison. Borough Green. November 2015

“Teresa is a brilliant instructor. She made me feel relaxed straight away and I never knew learning to drive could be such a laugh! I’m going to do my Pass Plus so Teresa you’ve not seen the back of me yet! 100% recommend having lessons with Teresa.” ★★★★★
Oli. Borough Green. November 2015

“Would absolutely recommend Teresa to any learner driver! A calm environment in the car which resulted in a success for me! Thank you! X” ★★★★★
Alys. Borough Green. November 2015

“Big thanks to Teresa Allen for putting up with me and getting me through my test. Teresa has a lot of patience and I would recommend her x” ★★★★★
Stanley. Borough Green. November 2015

“Thank you, you’ve done a great job getting Ben through today and we really appreciate all you have done. We’ll probably see you again in 18 months for the next one. All the best,” ★★★★★
Clare (Ben’s Mum). September 2015

“Teresa Allen is without a doubt the best driving instructor in England. She has the patience and kindness of a Saint and does everything in her power to help you become a safe and skilled driver. When i started to learn to drive i had an instructor that didn’t care whether i learnt anything at all, they were just interested in taking my money, switching to Teresa was the best decision i ever made. Driving with Teresa is very enjoyable and she knows how to put you at ease. I will miss our weekly lessons now i have passed. Thank You Teresa!” ★★★★★
Becky. Sevenoaks. July 2015

“Big thanks to Teresa for getting me that first time pass! Really enjoyed my time learning with her, very patient, reliable and funny, the perfect approach. I’d highly recommend her for anyone looking to pass!” ★★★★★
Cain. Tonbridge. August 2015

“Teresa is absolutely brilliant helps you get through any challenges and gives you really good confidence can’t thank her enough for her help.” ★★★★★
Ollie. June 2015

“Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, so helpful and so patient! xx” ★★★★★
Ellie. Borough Green. June 2015

“Couldn’t have passed without Teresa, recommend her to any new learner drivers!!!!” ★★★★★
Tyler. Borough Green. June 2015

“I absolutely loved my lessons with Teresa – she is funny, patient and made me feel confident, the best teacher I could have had! I would 100% recommend her to anyone thinking of learning to drive!” ★★★★★
Lottie. Borough Green. June 2015

“I would absolutely recommend Teresa, best instructor around. She helped me all the way and I couldn’t have done it without her- cheers Teresa” ★★★★★
Josh. Kemsing. June 2015

“Teresa is a fantastic driving instructor. She taught both of my children to drive and they loved their lessons. She is funny, calm and patient and I would never use any other instructor … have no other children for her to teach but can’t recommend her highly enough!!” ★★★★★
Jane (Ella’s Mum). Borough Green. May 2015

“Teresa is the best teacher I’ve ever had and I couldn’t have passed without her. Amazing driving instructor.” ★★★★★
Maisie. Sevenoaks. May 2015

“Learning to drive with Teresa was one of the best decisions I ever made. I could not have passed without her!” ★★★★★
Zak. Borough Green. May 2015

“Enjoyed every second of it! Teresa was helpful, friendly and respectful would recommend to friends every time.” ★★★★★
Jack. Sevenoaks. May 2015

“Would 100% recommend Teresa to anyone, a great instructor and able to have a laugh as well as improving confidence while driving- lovely person and fellow cat lover, thank you!” ★★★★★
Becky. Borough Green. April 2015

“Fantastic instructor! Goes above and beyond to get you up to scratch fast! Nobody can prepare you for the road any better than Teresa and overall great fun to learn with! Thanks!” ★★★★★
Lewis. West Kingsdown. April 2015

“Teresa has been absolutely amazing in helping me to pass my driving test first time and only after two and a half months! She has been so patient and always goes out of her way to make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with what you learn each lesson – couldn’t have wished for anyone better! Thanks so much for everything Teresa!” ★★★★★
Erica. Tonbridge. April 2015

“Would 100% recommend Teresa if you’re thinking of starting lessons. I didn’t have a clue about driving until I started, thought I’d never pass. But here I am, passed first time and couldn’t have done it with anyone else. Such a comfortable atmosphere and some great laughs and memories. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!!!!” ★★★★★
Lily. Borough Green. April 2015

“I had one lesson when I was 17. It went so badly I left it 20 years before plucking up the courage to have another go. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Teresa was brilliant throughout though, always encouraging and definitely patient. She would make time to fit around my work schedule and understood the demands of having a young family. I honestly think I wouldn’t have passed with just anyone so I’m very grateful to have found Teresa!!” ★★★★★
Leon. Sevenoaks. February 2015

“Teresa you are the best instructor. If people want to pass they got to go with you. Also the banter that flies around the car is top notch. Cheers Teresa. Best driving instructor around!” ★★★★★
Reece. Borough Green. January 2015

“Not only a great instructor, but a good friend! Lessons were always fun but at the same time really good lessons!” ★★★★★
George. Otford. January 2015

“Teresa’s emphasis is not to pass quickly, but to ensure you pass as a safe and confident driver. This has been instilled in my driving. Her patience, clear methods, support and encouragement were invaluable during the lessons. I don’t think I would have coped as well during the test without Teresa’s guidance beforehand. I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone wishing to learn. Thank you for helping me to achieve this. Good luck to all Teresa’s future pupils, you are in excellent hands.” ★★★★★
Josie. Plaxtol. January 2015

“Would certainly recommend Teresa to anyone who wants to learn to drive, the best driving instructor you could ask for. Lessons were very enjoyable, Teresa was very understandable and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you so much, wouldn’t have passed without your help!!!” ★★★★★
Mercedes. Platt. January 2015

“Thank you to Teresa for helping me pass my test at the first time of asking, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! The lessons were entertaining and informative, while Teresa has a good sense of humour and is very patient. This combination made lessons very enjoyable, and I will recommend Teresa to anyone who is looking to learn to drive.” ★★★★★
Marcus. Plaxtol, Kent. January 2015

“I feel privileged to have got the chance to learn with Teresa; not only is she a great teacher but is one of the most genuine people. Lessons were always fun. She had such a belief in me which made feel confident when driving! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!” ★★★★★
Katie. Platt. January 2015

“BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER !!! Having wanted to delay my driving test a couple lessons prior my test Teresa made me feel i could do it and calmed me down completely ! Result was I passed first time 🙂 explains everything so well and makes driving fun 🙂 would recommend Teresa to everyone and anyone !!” ★★★★★
Catherine. Sevenoaks. November 2014

“I was very nervous at the idea of starting to learn to drive, so choosing a patient instructor was very important to me! Teresa was very calm, understanding and created a friendly and fun atmosphere which allowed me to feel comfortable behind the wheel! Never thought I would pass first time!” ★★★★★
Meg. Borough Green. November 2014

“Teresa. Just want to say a massive thank you for seeing Jamie through to passing his test. You have been a great fun instructor. Rest assured we will be recommending you to everyone we know! x” ★★★★★
Lou (Jamie’s Mum). Borough Green. November 2014

“Would recommend Teresa to anyone looking to have driving lessons, we couldn’t have had any more fun than we did; and that is extremely important. With a failed attempt at learning when I was seventeen, I started again remembering how stressful I found driving the first time round. That wasn’t the case at all with Teresa. No stress, just endless fun, whilst progressing more and more every lesson. Thank you very much Teresa. I will miss our lessons, but will be seeing you soon for a trip to see Pip x” ★★★★★
Charlotte. Borough Green. November 2014

“Today I passed my test after having spent my life thinking that it was likely I would never drive! After having 2 children (both under 2) the challenge grew & Teresa was unbelievably amazing! Her passion for driving, her professionalism, warmth, sense of humour & more has meant that as of today my life & the lives of my family have been changed! Thank you Teresa!” ★★★★★
Joelle. Sevenoaks. October 2014

“If I could give more than 5 stars I would as Teresa deserves them! I was really nervous to begin with but as soon as I spoke to Teresa she put me at ease! There was never a dull lesson, thoroughly enjoyable even when she made me do the A21 I would recommend Teresa to everyone that is thinking of taking up driving lessons! I will miss Teresa’s lessons (but she hasn’t got rid of me just yet)! HUGE THANK YOU for teaching me and making me feel so comfortable like you do with all your clients! You truly are THE BEST! xxx” ★★★★★
Fliss. Sevenoaks. October 2014

“Thank you for being the one to get me through my driving test. I’ve had a lot of fun and memories with you. Thank you!” ★★★★★
George. Trottiscliffe. September 2014

“I passed my test today and it would not have been possible without Teresa. I done an intensive week course. I was a nervous wreck to start with but was confident and enjoyed driving by the end. She is also full of a lot of handy local knowledge 🙂 I highly recommend.” ★★★★★
Claire. Kemsing. September 2014

“Thanks Teresa for being a great driving instructor Jonny has enjoyed every lesson. Passed 1st time as well ! Will defo recommend you to people. Thanks again. Michelle xx” ★★★★★
Jonny’s Mum. August 2014

“Would recommend Teresa to everyone! Have had very enjoyable lessons and was able to pass at my first attempt as a result of all of her help! Thank you for all your help and support :)” ★★★★★
Amy. Sevenoaks. July 2014

“Genuinely will miss having lessons with Teresa have over come so much while learning and a lot of nervous moments and a lot of times when it was a laugh. However most off all I would highly recommend having lesson with her. The progression and confidence is amazing in every lesson! Oh and sherbet lemons are her favorite! Thank you so much Teresa! Xx” ★★★★★
Jessie. West Kingsdown. July 2014

“Couldn’t speak more highly of Teresa! lessons are really fun enjoyed every hour of practice. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking about having some driving lessons.” ★★★★★
Jens. Plaxtol. July 2014

“Just want to say a massive thank you to Teresa for helping me pass my driving test first time. Each lesson was really enjoyable and she taught in a fun but effective way!” ★★★★★
Emma. Basted. July 2014

“It took me awhile but I finally passed my driving test with flying colours thanks to Teresa. I had a great time learning with her. Now time to write-off a few bangers.” ★★★★★
James. Borough Green. June 2014

“I had a great time learning with Teresa, she made learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to help me pass first time, she has a relaxed and fun way of teaching that made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend Teresa to anyone who was looking to learn to drive.” ★★★★★
Morgan. St Mary’s Platt. May 2014

“I have had such an amazing time learning with Teresa and couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. She is extremely calm and patient and ensures that all lessons are more than just learning but also about having fun! I definitely recommend Teresa to anyone wanting to learn to drive and I can’t thank her enough for all of her help xx” ★★★★★
Hope. Borough Green. May 2014

“I’ve had so much fun learning to drive with Teresa. She is patient, kind and always creates a comfortable and calm environment to learn in. She’s always up for a laugh and makes the lessons so enjoyable. I would recommend Teresa to anyone looking to learn how to drive. x” ★★★★★
Emma. Borough Green. May 2014

“I passed my test first time with only two minors, this was a big achievement for me if you know how scatty and uncoordinated I am! It really helped to have Teresa as my instructor, she is very patient and lessons were always fun. She will definitely be called upon again for my brother and sisters lessons :)” ★★★★★
Rebecca. Hadlow. April 2014

“Patient calm and fun instructor. Would defo recommend her. Passed 1st attempt. Thanks Teresa!” ★★★★★
Callam. Borough Green. April 2014

“I took a 3 week crash course with Teresa what a fantastic decision that was because she was brilliant. Teresa was very patient, fun! and reliable. I am pleased to say I passed first attempt with just one minor. I would gladly recommend her to anyone crash course or steady lessons. Thanks again Teresa, see you on the road x” ★★★★★
Rebecca. Kemsing. April 2014

“Had the best time learning to drive with Teresa. Wouldn’t have done without her and wouldn’t have wanted another instructor! We’ve had a laugh and such a great time AND I passed first time, thank you so much. Would definitely recommend Teresa, never a dull lesson!” ★★★★★
Dan. Borough Green. April 2014

“Teresa is a brilliant driving instructor and I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone learning to drive. I have stopped and started driving lessons with various instructors over the years but have never continued until I met Teresa. She is both patient and understanding and always makes you confront your fears no matter how difficult they are and her great sense of humour made driving lessons fun. She was extremely accommodating and allowed me to bring my 9 month old baby Emma along to lessons and looked after her brilliantly on the day that I finally passed my test.” ★★★★★
Jane. Sevenoaks. April 2014

“After a failed first attempt whilst learning with a national driving school, I found Teresa, whose friendly and calming attitude helped me pass in a mere month and a half later. I would highly recommend her to anybody learning to drive as you will not find a better instructor. Thanks Teresa for all your help; I couldn’t have passed without you.” ★★★★★
James. Vigo Village. March 2014

“Great instructor, has a good sense of humour which meant I had lots of fun in lessons and I was very happy to pass with her help before my exams. x” ★★★★★
Harriet. Tonbridge. March 2014

“Having not sat behind a wheel for 12 years and having had a bad experience the last time, I was very nervous about learning to drive again and wondered if I would ever be confident enough to do it. However, with Teresa’s gentle persuasion and encouragement I was able to get back into it, overcoming these fears and passing my test first time.” ★★★★★
Helen. Sevenoaks. March 2014

“Having changed my driving instructor over the new year, it was a massive relief to find one as skilled and friendly as Teresa Allen. If it had not been for her perseverance through the bad then I would not have been able to pass in such a short space of time. Learning under Teresa was an honour and a privilege and I am lucky to have learnt from one of, if not the best instructors around. Thank you again Teresa.” ★★★★★
Dan. Tonbridge. February 2014

“I don’t really know what to say… But I just want to say how much fun I had while Learning to drive! There was never a dull moment when I was learning with you. The lengths Teresa went to ensure I passed was fantastic. I can honestly say I’d recommend Teresa to anyone and everyone. Had so much fun and can honestly say I am going to miss my lessons. x” ★★★★★
Alice. Borough Green. February 2014

“I just want to say a big thank you to Teresa for helping my Fiancé get his license back as quickly & efficiently as she did. Karl had his first lesson with Teresa on the 20/11/13, she recommended he booked his theory which he did & had passed that only 8 days later on the 28/11/13 & then passed his practical test with flying colours less than a month later on the 11/12/13. It definitely goes without saying this lady knows exactly what she’s doing! With Karl’s previous experience behind the wheel & Teresa’s expertise it goes without saying they made an amazing team! I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for a decent instructor who knows exactly what she’s talking about! Many Thanks. Shannon. Xx” ★★★★★
Karl’s fiancé. Tunbridge Wells. December 2013

“Thank you very much for teaching me! I had a great time” ★★★★★
Stuart. November 2013

“Dear Teresa, I just wanted to thank you very much for the advanced driving lesson you gave me yesterday, my first driving lesson for forty-two years! I have had a number of near misses in the last three months, since buying a Mercedes SLK350, which is considerably more powerful than any car I have owned in the past. Having run into the back of another vehicle at a roundabout I decided it was time to have my driving assessed and was recommended to come to you. I am very glad I did, because you quickly pinpointed the bad habits that have developed over the years, in particular when I approach roundabouts, or other vehicles in traffic. I thought you were brilliant in the way you talked me through everything, and left me feeling really positive about the whole experience. I really recommend any other experienced drivers to have a few lessons with you, as it has made me enjoy my driving much more, made me more patient with others on the road and reduced the risk of me having another prang. I am also doing an extra four miles to a gallon ! Thanks again Teresa! Looking forward to the next lesson. Regards,” ★★★★★
Mick. November 2013

“Thank you so, so much Teresa! I can’t think of anyone better to have been taught by. Your relaxed and fun way of teaching made me feel comfortable and calm right from the start. I will miss all of your stories and I strongly recommend to anyone learning to drive!” ★★★★★
Sofia. Plaxtol. November 2013

“Massive thanks to Teresa for all her hard work and patience over the last 3 months. Delighted to pass today and really enjoyed my time with Teresa! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to pass their test in Sevenoaks and the local area!” ★★★★★
Rachel. Sevenoaks. November 2013

“Thank you so much! I’ll miss having my lessons with you but so glad I managed to pass first time with your instruction.” ★★★★★
Helen. Plaxtol. October 2013

“After failing 3 practical tests under the instruction of a national driving school chain, I lost complete confidence behind the wheel and subsequently refused to learn to drive for 4 years. During that time I’d had a baby, my passed theory test expired and I was pregnant again aged 35. Fed-up with not being self-sufficient and relying on other people for a lift, I owed it to everyone close to me pass my practical test before baby number 2 arrived. A friend recommended Teresa and after several weeks of looking at her number in my phone, I eventually plucked up the courage to call her. We met two days later and I sat in in the driving seat of her Clio and cried. Her calm but direct manner was just the tonic I needed. During lesson two, we went for a proper drive, non-stop for an hour – something I’d never ever done with my previous instructor. Those first 2 lessons were the turning point for me and from then on I listened intently to every instruction from Teresa as I trusted her implicitly. I passed my theory and practical test first time under Teresa’s guidance and most importantly, before baby number 2 arrives. I can’t wait to take my children out by myself and even a mundane trip to Sainsbury’s will be a solo adventure for me! Thank you a million thank you’s Teresa. xx” ★★★★★
Gayle. Sevenoaks. October 2013

“My 20 year old son, Patrick, had been having driving lessons on and off since he was 17, with various instructors and schools, but he found the lessons boring and monotonous and kept giving up for long periods without even taking a test. After a chance meeting with Teresa Allen, she asked me to get him to ring her which he did. She arranged to give him an assessment lesson to see where he was at after which, she advised him to book his test immediately. He started a course of lessons 2 weeks prior to that date. He found the lessons intensive and interesting with an element of fun and, with the test date just around the corner, he was motivated with something definite to aim for. Thanks to Teresa’s unique, friendly and skillful tuition, my son passed his test with only 2 minor faults.” ★★★★★
Patrick’s Mum. September 2013

“Thank you so much Teresa! Such a great driving instructor, wouldn’t have asked for anyone else, didn’t seem like just a driving instructor also a friend, would recommend to everyone.” ★★★★★
George Armsby. September 2013

“I would recommend Teresa to anyone who is learning to drive. I’d had lessons elsewhere but I progressed far more quickly with Teresa’s teaching. I can easily say that I wouldn’t have passed my test (1st time!) without her help :)” ★★★★★
Ursula. Plaxtol. September 2013

“Teresa has been an amazing instructor, she is incredibly friendly and very entertaining. She has been a joy to be with over the months that she has taught me. Without her as my instructor I feel that I would not have been able to pass my driving test first time, especially not even without a minor. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing instructor.” ★★★★★
William. Borough Green. August 2013

“Many many thanks for my good instructor Teresa Allen. I do recommend with all my heart to all learners. Very lovely person and good instructor.” ★★★★★

“Learning with Teresa has been a wonderful experience, I felt very confident learning alongside her compared to other instructors, She’s a valued asset to those learning the road. I was able to pass with a couple of lessons and managed to come away from my test with just a minor, I would recommend her to anyone. – Thank you Teresa” ★★★★★

“Thanks again for everything. I enjoyed my time learning how to drive with Teresa as she didn’t just teach me what I need to pass but also stuff I could use after passing. All the nagging and attention to detail paid off so I’d recommend Teresa to anyone wanting to get their drivers license.” ★★★★★

“Just wanted to say thank-you again for the fantastic driving tuition, I am sure that it is through your expert help that I can gloat over the fact that I am the only person in my family to have passed first time! I am not sure what kind of stuff people generally put for testimonials but if/ when I recommend you to others the sort of thing I would say is “Teresa Is possibly the greatest driving instructor in the universe, you should definitely learn to drive with her because she combines first class driving standards with a personable approach which makes you feel confidant, competent and safe.” Teresa you clearly know your stuff combining mock tests (with actual visits to the test center), driving around the ‘testing ground’ and adding in some harder driving situations made the test seam almost familiar (I dare not say easy), I think the rescue remedy had a good effect as well! All in all you are a great asset to your profession and Jake, Pandora, Lucian and myself all thank you most deeply for your help. loads a’ love xxxx” ★★★★★
Lisa and Family

“Thank you for everything you did for me. I wouldn’t have done it without you.” ★★★★★

“I really cannot put into words the lengths Teresa went to make sure I got through my driving test, she was simply brilliant! Always friendly, kind and ready for a giggle but at the same time so informative and patient! This for me was a fantastic combo and I honestly do not think I could have got through my driving test passing with only one minor fault without Teresa! Thank you so much for being so brilliant at what you do! I would recommend to absolutely everyone who is looking to learn how to drive!” ★★★★★

“Thank you for the card and I wouldn’t be on the road without your help.” ★★★★★

“I am a 53 yr old American that moved to UK in 2011. I had been driving in the US for over 35 years. Needing to pass my driving test in UK, I was petrified at the thought of having to pass the test. Over the years I had developed many bad habits which I was sure to make passing the test impossible. Fortunately, I contacted Teresa Allen and scheduled a lesson. Upon meeting Teresa, I was immediately put at ease. She observed my driving and said that while there were many things I was doing wrong, she was confident she could correct them after a few lessons. Teresa concentrated on the positive parts of my driving and helped me eliminate the unsafe habits to ensure I would pass test. Well, after only 4 lessons, Teresa’s techniques helped me pass the driving test my first try. If you are searching for an experienced, patient and thorough instructor to help you pass driving test, Teresa is the one! Thank You Teresa!!” ★★★★★

“Since June this year I started taking driving lesson from a national driving school but after taking 30 lessons I failed my first test. When I contact with this driving school again my Instructor was not agree to give any more lesson because of my bad driving. And I changed my instructor again but he same like the one before. But when I met with my lovely Instructor Teresa Allen I pass driving test after taking few lessons. I’m really glad to my Allah because I got a nice driving Instructor Teresa and that’s why I pass today. Thanks Teresa Allen you are the best driving Instructor ever I seen in my life. Thanks you very much I never forget your help :)” ★★★★★

“I am very proud and pleased. Thank you so much, he thinks a lot of you and enjoyed being taught by you. Hope you dont mind but I put your photo of Jacob on my profile, also put on a status if anybody is looking for a fantastic driving instructor that you are the lady they are looking for !!! Think we may have got you a few more clients !!! Thanks again xxx” ★★★★★
Jacob’s Mum

“Teresa has been fantastic – calm, encouraging and great fun! I’ve learnt so much so quickly and passed first time, despite it all feeling very daunting at the beginning when I had three weeks to learn everything and no previous driving experience. Teresa led me through it all with great skill and so much experience. Thank you so much Teresa, it’s been fab. 🙂 X” ★★★★★

“Dear Teresa Alen, thank you verry much for being my Iinstructor and my Friend it was a really honour to meet u and drive with u . when i first meet i was so glad and positive about you 🙂 When i met Teresa it was not less than 2 month she was my last chance of passing my driving test 🙂 i have allready hd several instructors and tried to pass for the last 2 years . She managed to encurage me the all time as she is a passionate and a positive person 🙂 She explained all the details to me and gave me all the necesary instructions , She took the time on every section to help me understand and delivered a good service at all time just to make sure she has done all the best on my behalf 🙂 thanks for all the time u have invested with me it was worth everyting . i so enjoyed every lesson we have done . it was fun 🙂 lots love” ★★★★★

“So pleased to pass with no faults. Teresa’s tutoring is second to none. I had two other instructors before and neither made me feel comfortable or confident. Excellent teacher. 5 star!” ★★★★★

“After failing three practical tests with a previous instructor, Teresa helped me to build my confidence and to get back into it. Teresa was so supportive throughout the whole time I was learning to drive, I was so pleased with the end result, I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her.” ★★★★★

“I enjoyed learning to drive with Teresa and I now feel a much better and accomplished driver after the help and instruction she gave me. After failing my test with a previous instructor, Teresa helped me over the finish line. Thank you for all your help and support.” ★★★★★

“I could never imagine such a kind and wonderful tutor to help me out in passing my test. First attempt too!” ★★★★★

“Just a little thank you to you for all the extra time you spent with me to get me that all important pass on Wednesday. Will miss our meetings but will definitely keep in touch and let you know when the baby eventually arrives. Many thanks,” ★★★★★

“Just to say thank you for all your help,” ★★★★★

“Cheers for everything, xxx” ★★★★★

“Thank you so much for all your patience! A big thank you for putting up with me and my strange noises! I will miss our lessons, love xxx” ★★★★★

“Thank you very much for all your help, love xx” ★★★★★
Anna and Lucy